Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skeleton Key

One of the things that you have to go through in life are the memories of people who have passed. 

My grandmother, 93 years old, is moving this week. Bless her heart she's lived in the same house for 60 plus years. My father and aunt had been raised there, I had been raised there, and I was hoping that my son would of been raised there. Life happens and so does finances. Along with taxes and utility bills. Somethings that I could never keep up with. Owning a house is completely different from renting. 

Going through her things has been a heartbreak. Pictures and mementos from years passed. Things I thought I'd never see again in my life resurfacing at the base of her closet. It gives a whole new meaning to skeletons in your closet. 

But I love her with all of my heart. She help raise me after my mother had passed away in 1995. My grandma has been there for my entire life. I can't say that about many people anymore. 

I look at that house now as a skeleton key. Moving from one door to another and hoping that the next door that opens is going to be as better as the last. 

So tomorrow I'm going to go on. No balls, no glory. Keep moving forward and so on and so forth. Hoping that those skeletons don't eat me alive. 


Anonymous said...

She's moving at 93??
Man, bless her heart. I couldn't do it.
I mean, I'm way younger and I can't imagine moving.
Ease the transition baby, it's gonna be tough for her.

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