Saturday, March 5, 2011

Holding on for dear life

There’s a little secret about me. I love watching Hoarders. It’s like that TV show that you don’t want to be caught watching because, why would you watch it?
Growing up, my grandmother kept everything. The house wasn’t to bad but when you went in the basement, it was a whole different story. Years and years of build up and stuff.
My Aunt who I call the “anti-hoarder” came in about three years ago and completely got rid of everything and anything. Either gave it away or threw it away. I got a few mementos from my childhood but the basement never looked the same.
The thing that really gets me though about this show is the excess. The fact that I’ve had to give up my things, little that they are, and they get to buy in excess.
Over the past five years I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff and then the past two years, most of it is gone. Divorce and moving do that. I was homeless a few times and living with a friend. My stuff was in storage and I lost it.
It gave me a new appreciation for the things that I do have in my home. My son, my friends, my keepsakes. Not to many, but somethings that I will have for the next 60 years. The things that are always listed in the “Do not drop” box when I move.
What do you hold dear? A teddy bear from your childhood or maybe the first time your child wrote their name?


Erin said...

Even though I am a packrat I really don't have something material that i would fall apart if I lost. My husband and family are the world to me, things I can replace easily-family not so easily.

MissMOE said...

I've recently had to give up alot of things due to some setbacks in life. My husband told me they're only things--we can always replace them at a later time. At that time, those words didn't help, but over time I've grown to realize he was right. Most things could be replaced if need be, and most of us will be okay without them. I'm a new follower from MBC--feel free to check out my blog.

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