Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm having a puppy!

Dogs are great.

They really are. They lick you, kiss you, give you attention. Make sure that your home is safe as well as your children.

Dogs are like humans, how you raise them is what matters.

When Darrell was about a year old, he was bit by a Siberian Husky. I was furious, the dog owner tried playing it off like it was my son's fault. He's a baby, literary, how would he know not to pull his ear? Besides, she told me the dog was "kid friendly". More like "dinner friendly". 

It took us years and it's still hard for him to trust a puppy. 

When I was about a year old, my father got a Siberian Husky. His name was Brewster. You couldn't come in to see me before going past him. He was my guardian. Carried me around on his back and slept at my feet. 

Unfortunately when my mother passed away, we needed to give him away. He went to a farm, to run and chase squirrels.

Dogs are like humans, how you raise them is what matters. 

Steve, the boyfriend, wants a Pit Bull. Not a lot of people like Pitts because of their bad reputation for fighting and not being good with children. I've honestly seen a wiener-dog bite someone. So to categorize a certain breed with certain actions is discrimination. Something I'm not cool with.

So... hopefully... by the end of May around Darrell's 5th birthday. We'll be bringing a new family member home. 

I hope it's a girl. 


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