Saturday, March 26, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Every night I kiss my son goodnight, check on him at least once or twice before I fall asleep. If I get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink, I check on him. Routinely. 

Whenever I hear someone missing or gone, it unravels me.  This goes a little closer to home. A young girl who lives in my old town is gone. She's a senior in High School and has gone missing in the worst place.

 It's a creek that my family and I have walked before. My son's been down there playing with rocks and chasing fish. In the summer time it's a beautiful place. The road heading down towards it is like a hill that you hold your breath at every turn, that's when theres no ice. The creek itself you can walk, possibly finding a swimming hole and a waterfall coming off of the 60 ft cliff. 

In early spring, it's the worst time. There is ice everywhere that breaks, if it's a sunny day. One day you can access a part of the creek, another day it's either covered with snow or water. There are hundreds of places you can fall and get hurt. Get caught in the stream or crack through ice. 

Everyone is praying, hard. Hoping that she's found somewhere. Maybe picked up by a friend or walking aimlessly in the woods. Just keep praying, that's all most of us can do. 

Those halls I can walk with my eyes closed. The firetruck I have some of the best memories with. That meeting room, I've slept in during a storm in 2007. My last post was just about my ex, someone who had unraveled me in the worst way. This is a side of him that I saw the most, that brought me to love him. He's not only praying but he's out there. Looking for her. I'm hoping that soon I'll get a happy phone call. 


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